Solutions Enhanced Visibility into Hospital’s Financial Systems

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Hospitals lack the robust financial reporting found in other types of businesses their size.

  • Organizations are often data-rich, but insight poor
  • Information asymmetry exists between payors and providers
  • No “single source of truth” results in a lack of unified and trusted insights
  • Report generation process is cumbersome and time-consuming


The myClaimAnalytics Reporting Solution provides a customizable suite of cloud-based dashboard tools that measures the health of a provider’s revenue cycle and analyzes payer performance.

  • Proprietary architecture combines accuracy and automation without the need for integration
  • Complete scalable, rapidly deployable with minimal client IT lift
  • Intuitive user interface “democratizes the data”
  • Fully customizable suite of tools designed around specific client needs and business requirements
  • Financial and operational performance benchmarking sheds light on complex use cases